Zephyr in Concert


Save the date and plan to join the community for the upcoming Winston-Salem Symphony Concert Series at the Mary Alice Warren Community Center in Lewisville. All concerts will be held in the Lewisville Room and are free admission, with limited seating.

May 14 at 3 p.m., Zephyr, Helen Rifas and Kathy Levy 

Zephyr, a flute and harp duo, offers music for the concert stage, house concerts and social events. Winston-Salem Symphony flutist Kathryn Levy and harpist Helen Rifas have been performing together since the 1980s. The name Zephyr comes from Zephyrus, the personified west wind, which eventually evolved into zephyr, a word for a breeze that is westerly or gentle, or both. Breezy zephyr may have blown into English with the help of William Shakespeare. Their program will feature light classics and music from around the world.

Mary Alice Warren Community Center