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2016 Sanitary Sewer Study

Municipal Engineering Services Co., PA has completed the Sanitary Sewer Master Plan and Feasibility Study for the Town of Lewisville. The Study is broken down into a Final Report, individual Drainage Basin Maps, and a Key Map that shows all of the drainage basins that make up the Town of Lewisville and its zoning jurisdictions. 

If you would like to see the full Final Report, please contact Town Hall.

2016 Sewer Study Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Town of Lewisville Key Map

Lewisville Basin Key Map

Bashavia Creek

Bashavia Creek Basin Map
Bashavia Creek Spreadsheet

Blacks Creek

Blacks Creek Basin Map
Blacks Creek Spreadsheet

Blanket Bottom Creek

Blanket Bottom Creek Basin Map
Blanket Bottom Creek Spreadsheet

Double Creek

Double Creek Basin Map
Double Creek Spreadsheet

Ellison Creek

Ellison Creek Basin Map
Ellison Creek Spreadsheet

Ellison-3 Creek

Ellison-3 Creek Basin Map
Ellison-3 Creek Spreadsheet

Mill Creek

Mill Creek Basin Map
Mill Creek Basin Spreadsheet

Reynolds Creek

Reynolds Creek Basin Map
Reynolds Creek Spreadsheet

Tomahawk Creek

Tomahawk Creek Basin Map
Tomahawk Creek Spreadsheet

Yadkin River

Yadkin River Basin Map
Yadkin River Spreadsheet