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Due to ongoing technological advancement, many electronic products become obsolete within a very short period of time, creating a large surplus of unwanted electronic products, or “e-waste”. Disposing of e-waste in landfills has the potential to cause severe human and environmental health impacts. To avoid these risks, the Electronic Waste Recycling Act (Senate Bill 50) was signed into law in 2004. SB 50 established and funded a program for consumers to return, recycle, and ensure safe and environmentally sound disposal of covered electronic devices (CEDs).

Due to the ongoing environmental concerns associated with the handling as well as recycling of electronic devices of all types, eWaste Incorporated has taken it upon themselves to ensure that:

  1. No hazardous electronic waste will be sent to any landfills either directly or through intermediaries.
  2. No exporting of hazardous electronic waste will be sent to developing countries either directly or through intermediaries.
  3. No hazardous electronic waste will be sent to prisons for recycle either directly or through intermediaries.
  4. The entire recycling chain is meeting all applicable environmental and health regulations.

The Town of Lewisville offers special E-Cycling Events throughout the year for residents to safely and legally dispose of E-Waste.


Desktop computers/monitors, keyboard/mice, hard drives, power supplies, docking stations, circuit boards, laptops, hubs and switches, networking equipment, battery backups, AC adaptors, wire and cords


Remote controls (no batteries), CD/DVD players, stereo equipment (no wood), cell phones, mixers, toasters, microwaves, curling irons, most battery operated powered hand tools, VCRs, gaming systems, amplifiers, household electronics, blenders (no glass), most kitchen gadgets, hair dryers, power drills chargers


Televisions, Oil filters, devices containing refrigerants, liquids of any kind, light bulbs, smoke detectors, plastic toys w/o electronics inside, devices which may contain radiation, oil filled heaters, items containing PCBs, ceramics (lamps, etc.), devices containing gas, rubber, contaminated medical equipment, hazardous materials, wood.

For information regarding these events, please contact Town Hall at 336-945-5558