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Lewisville Comprehensive Plan

Stacy Tolbert, Town Manager
(336) 945-1023

The general development plan (comprehensive plan) has been the cornerstone of American planning theory and practice since the early 1900's. The concept of the plan has evolved to keep pace with changing needs and new theories of public decision making. Some consistent elements characterize the comprehensive plan. First, it is a physical plan. Although a reflection of social and economic values, the plan is fundamentally a guide to the physical development of the community. It translates values into a scheme that describes how, why, when, and where to build, rebuild, or preserve the community. The second characteristic of the comprehensive plan is that it is long range, covering a time period greater than one year, usually five years or more. It recognizes that an effective plan expresses current polices that will help shape the future. It should challenge and inspire us with a vision of what might be. It should also tell us how to get there. The comprehensive plan is a statement of policy, covering such community desires as quantity, character, location and rate of growth and indicating how these desires are to be achieved.

The Lewisville Comprehensive Plan is the town's "vision" for future growth and development. The plan provides the policy directions for framing land use decisions and growth management initiatives.

The Comprehensive Plan is updated every five years, and the process involves local residents serving on committees to review the various chapters for needed updates and new ideas.

The updating process is an important one, and what directions are taken should be guided by the will of those who live here. For that reason, having residents participate is key to our long-range plan and the goals we wish to achieve in the coming years.

Please take the opportunity to be a part of helping plan for our tomorrow during those updating efforts.